Who we are?

We adapt ceiling surfaces using technologies provided by our suppliers.

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What we do?

We offer professional consulting, design, assembly and distribution of stretch ceilings.

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Where we do it?

We are based in Olsztyn, Poland. We offer our services nationwide and worldwide, also in England (London) and Ireland (Dublin).

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Who for?

Our offer is addressed to individual clients, firms, institutions and design companies.

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Home solutions

We can deliver and assembly state-of-the-art stretch ceilings in any house or flat. Our solutions are reliable and durable. They can be applied in a variety of configurations, which makes them universal and unique at the same time. The wide range of colours we offer gives interior designers much freedom in terms of implementing their visions. Learn more about our offer.
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Solutions for companies

We have the knowledge and experience to handle even the most challenging projects involving public utility buildings such as offices, institutions, water parks, cinemas, schools, banks, shopping malls, hotels, museums, clinics, restaurants and pubs. Thanks to our close cooperation with ceiling manufacturers we are able to offer you top solutions at good prices.
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Free quote

Send us the dimensions and any additional information and we will calculate the cost of materials and labour

What makes us stand out

Top standards

Unlike most of other companies offering stretch ceilings in addition to other products, we do stretch ceilings only, which means that we do them very well.

Attractive prices

Thanks to our close cooperation with ceiling manufacturers, we are able to offer you top solutions at good prices.

15-year guarantee

We offer a 15-year guarantee for the ceilings we provide, which proves how durable they are.

Fast assembly

Assembling a ceiling cold never be easier. It involves no excess dust, pollution or discomfort, not to mention special preparation.

Individual approach

We approach each case individually to offer you the best and most satisfactory solutions.

New technologies

We focus on achieving the best effect using state-of-the art materials and technologies.