Stretch ceilings types

Incredible possibilities of interior design

Uniform ceilings

The main advantage of this type of ceilings is that you can have them in any shape, texture and colour you fancy. Due to the very light aluminium rail system of the stretch ceilings frame, they can be installed practically in any place you wish.
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Illuminated Transparent stretch ceilings

Apart from stretch ceilings in particular colours, we offer you the possibility to order transparent stretch ceilings illuminated from above (by means of white or coloured led light). Thanks to their transparent structure, the ceilings can be used for both practical and decorative applications.
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Printed stretch ceilings (illuminated or not)

A brilliant solution is to place a printed image (a photograph, landscape or otherwise) of your own choice on a transparent stretch ceiling. In addition, we suggest to light it from above to produce a unique effect. This type of a ceiling is ideal for bathrooms, kids’ rooms, restaurants, swimming-pools or gyms. It certainly won’t pass unnoticed.
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